Voice magic

  • 46,200.00 AMD

Voice magic

     People talk about controlling voice for a very long time. And they have been working on this for a long time. But only now, with the development of electronics, it has become possible and affordable. Already have car navigators who understand human speech and pave the route. Voice of the people turn on and off the light. Can control computer and smartphone. Conveniently. Especially those who are deprived of the opportunity to work with their hands.

     Besides. You can collect just fun schemes that will help you spend your leisure time or cheer!
     To the designer attached color "User Guide" for the assembly of various projects. In addition, in the attached book you will find a list and description of the elements of the designer. For the convenience of collecting parts in the box on the last cover is a diagram of the arrangement of elements.
All elements of this constructor are compatible with other electronic designers of the ZNATOK ™ series.

     Recommended age: from 5 years old, but this set will be interesting even at an older age and even adults!

Absolute safety and ease of assembly - no need to solder!

    Many of the principles embodied in this set are used in real devices!

    We hope that the designer will bring you joy and help you better learn the amazing world of electronics, get practical skills and think about how you can still improve people's lives. Many need it!

To work, you must purchase three batteries separately (not included in the kit) (AA, 1.5V) or batteries.

Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of the positive contact of the batteries (1-1.5 mm).

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Before assembling the scheme, be sure to read the instructions!