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     She is really smart! The machine understands the human voice, listens to the radio commands, turns on the lights, makes sounds, recognizes barriers and even measures the distance to them ... All this became possible thanks to the modern digital signal processor (DSP), which is the "brain" of the machine.

Three machine control modes are possible:

  • Radio control - the car is controlled by remote control
  • Voice control - machine understands voice commands
  • Autonomous mode - the car, depending on the presence of obstacles in its path, chooses the road itself.

     To the designer attached color "User Guide" for the assembly of various projects. In addition, in the attached book you will find a list and description of the elements of the designer. For the convenience of collecting parts in the box on the last cover is a diagram of the arrangement of elements.
All elements of this designer are compatible with other electronic designers of the ZNATOK ™ series.

Recommended age: from 5 years.

Absolute safety and ease of assembly - no need to solder!

     Many of the principles inherent in this car are used in real cars!

     Working with this designer will allow you to take a fresh look at the learning process and feel the love of physics and electronics! Thanks to the “Smart Machine” designer, you will understand that any science can be interesting, fun and not at all complicated when it is studied in the form of a game!

 To work, you must purchase three batteries separately (not included in the kit) (AA, 1.5V) or batteries.

Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of the positive contact of the batteries (1-1.5 mm).

     To operate the machine in stand-alone modes DO NOT need additional power sources - it works from the battery provided in the kit.

Be sure to look at the “Home and School” kits!

Box Size: 44x31.5x8 cm (W × H × D)
Box weight: 2, 353 kg

Before assembling the scheme, be sure to read the instructions!