• 32,400.00 AMD


     The new designer "Alternative Energy" includes the most interesting and spectacular experiments, now the designer has become even more accessible.

     An electronic designer that allows the child to understand the principles of operation of resource-saving technologies, such as:

  • Energy of sun
  • Wind energy
  • Mechanical energy

     A color “User’s Guide” for the assembly of 50 projects is attached to the constructor. If you wish, you can come up with new projects and collect them. In addition, in the attached book you will find a list and description of the elements of the designer.
All elements of this designer are compatible with other electronic designers of the ZNATOK ™ series.

Recommended age: from 5 years.

Absolute safety and ease of assembly - no need to solder!

     Environmental protection is a global problem that has no borders and crosses all oceans!

     For the operation of the circuits DO NOT need additional power sources - neither batteries nor accumulators!

Box Size: 32x25x6.5 cm (WxHxC)
Carton weight: 0.96 kg

 Before assembling the scheme, be sure to read the instructions!