OPITEC PlusLine Heat Engine

  • 4,000.00 AMD

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Heat Engine
The thermal engine is based on a Christmas pyramid. The building does not require any special craftsmanship and encourages competence-oriented work in the classroom. The students build a functioning thermal engine and then develop their own solution strategies to optimize the turning speed. The solutions and goals are independently documented by students. This promotes creativity and craftsmanship. Attempts bring the students to acquire knowledge. Physical simple laws are tested, applied and reflected in practice.
Required work: Marking, sawing, grinding/filing, drilling, screwing and gluing.

Curriculum requirements according to Curriculum PLUS for handicraft lessons: to increase the awareness for the complete action, the pupils plan, manufacture and design their workpieces according to their personal design. They consciously apply the knowledge they have acquired in the areas of materials and processing in the manufacturing process.
Size: approx. 280 x 280 x 300 mm, 1 piece.

Recommended age 11+ years
Tools needed